When & Where is the Conference?
  • The 2020 ELC Enterprise Leadership Conference will be 3/11/2020 to 3/13/2020.
  • It will be held at Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA.
Who Pays for the Conference?
  • The Rotary Clubs of San Jose, Los Gatos and Los Gatos Morning and our ELC Strategic Sponsors pay for all expenses.
  • There are no charges or fees for any of the ELC participants.
  • Rotary will shuttle the participants from San Jose to Asiliomar on Wednesday and back on Friday free of cost.
Where Are the Drop Off & Collection Points for Participants?
  • Drop-off: The Rotary Summit Center, 88 South Fourth Street, San Jose, CA.
  • Pick-up: Gunderson High School, 622 Gaundabert Lane, San Jose, CA.
Who Is Eligible?
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an educational system under the laws of the State of California.
  • High School juniors in the current school year.
What Does the Conference Include?
  • A dynamic keynote address with a motivational message from a well-known local business leader.
  • Conference students grouped into teams. Each team has one or two adults, Rotarian volunteer “coach” called a Discussion Group Leader (“DG”).
  • “Hands-on” team activities building collaboration and business skills.
  • Team presentation of a competitive business plan while demonstrating creative and collaborative skills.
  • Meals, bus transportation to and from the venue, and lodging for the entire program, as well as group snacks. Students’ personal expenses such as toiletries, extra snacks from vending machines, and souvenirs are the responsibility of the student.
ELC PresentationWhat Should Conference Participants Bring?
  • An open, inquisitive, and creative mind with a winning attitude.
  • Personal toiletries, necessary medications, hair dryers and other grooming products.
  • Casual clothes.
  • School attire on arrival on Wednesday at the Rotary Club weekly business lunch.
  • Comfortable clothes for the working sessions at the Conference.
  • Keep in mind that there can be cool weather, winds and fog off the ocean in March and warm outerwear may be necessary.
  • Pens and pencils. Other materials such as flip charts, markers, and tape are provided.
What is the privacy policy of this site? Conference Schedule?
  • Wednesday Morning, March 11 @ 7:30AM Conference kick-off at the Rotary Summit Center in Downtown San Jose.
  • Wednesday Afternoon, March 11 Students travel to Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove.
  • Friday Evening, March 13 @ 7:00PM Students arrive at Gunderson High School for parent pick-up.
How the Selection Process Works?
  • Each student submits an application by the specific date for their school.
  • Answer 3 questions:
    • Why are you interested in this conference?
    • How do you think attending ELC will influence your future goals?
    • In ten years what would do you see yourself doing?
  • Application review and student selection completed by mid-late January.
  • GPA is NOT a criterion for acceptance.